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  • Amazing Experience: Our mystery boxes are filled with items that are all fun, new and high quality. Their retail value will be worth at least $50 and contain at least 5 items. We guarantee an amazing experience opening this box with your friends and family!
  • Awesome & Variety: Manufactured by name brands in their respective industry you get an assortment of high quality items in different categories. Toys, Clothing & Accessories, Gadgets, Home & Kitchen, Electronics, Jewelry, Games, Beauty and Many More!
  • Rare & Vintage: Along with your other items, you will have the chance to get a vintage item that is both rare and awesome. We have partnered up with distributors that have collectible items that were manufactured between 1970’s – 2000.
  • All About the Experience: Mystery boxes give us a great opportunity to share an amazing experience with friends and family. It’s unique in the sense that no one knows what’s inside and everyone will experience that element of surprise. It’s our job to make sure that yours is a great one!

Special Signature Item: Every week there will be a special signature item in every box. This week it's a leather wallet! Enjoy!

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